Modelo / Ep 01. Salud to Summer

My Role: Creative Lead (ideation, copy, creative direction)
Agency: Horizon

I think of this project like raising a teenager, or what I imagine it’s like to raise a teenager based on the attitude I had as a 16 year-old. Most days, it felt more difficult than it was probably worth and talked back a lot, but seeing it finally walk across the graduation stage brought a little tear to my eye. Anthropomorphizing aside, this project came in the midst of vaccine roll-out, half open, half closed covid restrictions, a lot of revenue pressure and a producer who quit two days before the shoot. But it still felt like a creative achievement. We managed to create a video series that captures the ambiance of summertime in Latinx communities with a few stylistic wins that lives in this nice little hub. We gave the talent handycams to film themselves creating a nostalgic, kinetic vibe while layering textures throughout. We even built a living room in a park, so take that Covid. The biggest win though was a focaccia made by our chef talent. I think about it a lot.

Modelo / Ep 02. Salud to Summer

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