Pandora Jewelry / Holiday Tempo

My Role: Creative Lead (ideation, copy, creative direction)
Agency: Mindshare

Of all the campaigns I’ve done, this is the most commercial. In fact, it’s just a straight up commercial. But at least it was beautifully shot. Pandora Jewelry came to us to help position them as a thoughtful, personal holiday gift with their “Show Her That You Know Her” messaging. While it’s not necessarily conveyed in the video as I’d originally dreamed up, we made Pandora analogous to the artistic process of a musician: that in order to be an artist, you have to intimately know yourself. And in order to buy a thoughtful holiday gift, you have to know her. Poetic! Alas, we tapped Hunter Hayes, a WMG country-pop artist, to essentially mess around on the guitar and wrap a gift on camera. Like I said, at least it looks nice.

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