OBSESSED! / Ep. 11

My Role: Director, Writer 

While most of my work involves building custom ideas with heavy brand integration, sometimes the publisher business model includes creating shows where brands can run a pre-roll ad in front of it, therefore capitalizing on the audience's organic traffic.

OBSESSED! / Ep. 07

Though a small talk show on our crowded website, this show was my personal crusade to integrate the voices of Black women organically into the UPROXX POV, which years ago, was pretty nonexistent. My role is writer/director/showrunner/occasional therapist. The show features two entertainment industry Black women, a screenwriter and MUA, talking about the films, shows, albums, and music videos they, as the show is aptly named, are obsessed with. The charm of the program really lies in the fact that each of them brings a kind of insider’s knowledge to entertainment fandom. Also, they’re very funny.

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