T-Mobile / Ep 01. Way Way Out Live ft. Pink Sweat$ (New York)

My Role: Creative Lead (ideation, copy, creative direction)
Agency: Initiative

How do you make something foreign, intangible, and even threatening feel cool, innovative and tangible? That was the task that T-Mobile came to us with for their new 5G network.

The original name of this program was “Live from Nowheresville” which I think accurately captures the strategy and genius of this idea. As part of the Warner Music Group family, we would bring T-Mobile’s vision to life by hosting live performances in remote locations where only 5G could reach.  

T-Mobile / Ep 02. Way Way Out Live ft. Jax (Palm Desert)

This project was a production nightmare, but I loved it. Unpredictable weather, coordinating three different artists' tour schedules, T-Mobile engineers pinpointing exact 5G ranges all while preserving my creative vision: distinct stunning landscapes, elegant graphics, an intimate tour documentary feel and acoustic, emotive performances. In the end, I think we did just that.

T-Mobile / Ep 03. Way Way Out Live ft. Bren Joy (Dallas)

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