NHTSA / Driver's Ed 2.0

My Role: Creative Lead (ideation, copy, creative direction)
Agency: Tombras

I’ve noticed in the last year that the IG stories in particular has a knack for making complicated topics overly simple, duping us all into thinking we’re experts. While I didn’t necessarily have things like elections and pandemics and irreversible climate change in mind when conceiving this program, I think it reveals how little we actually understand topics we assume we know everything about. It was very ahead of its time.

Anyway, I got in a car accident that I still think wasn’t my fault but because of how some insurance person interpreted a traffic law, it was ruled my fault. This got me thinking how little I actually know about road rules and literally anything I supposedly learned in driver’s ed despite the fact that I drive every day. So, for NHTSA’s Impaired Driving campaign, I decided it would be fun to test UPROXX employees on their driving knowledge. Because if you don’t know the basics when you're sober, you definitely don’t know them when you’re impaired.

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