White Claw / REFRSHR Teaser

My Role: Creative Lead (ideation, copy, creative direction)
Agency: Hayworth

You know the feeling of a dreadfully hot summer day? Record temperatures, a wall A/C feebly croaking in the background. If you brave going outside, you might walk into a convenience store or bodega just to open the industrial fridge, letting the cold air wash over you. That feeling – the waft of chill on a hot day – is what drove this idea for me.

White Claw came to us looking to align their brand, and new REFRSHR product, to streetwear culture with a memorable summer event. So, we created a hard seltzer speakeasy - bodega in the front, party in the back. As guests entered the bodega in the New York City July heat, they’d walk through the industrial fridge doors only to discover a White Claw oasis and streetwear customizers to leave with some swag. It was a blast and one of my favorite ideas I’ve ever brought to life.

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